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Historical details :

Between 1986 and 2000 the Section was included in the Section of Literary Bibliography and Literary Sources which succeeded and comprised the subdivisions "Literary Bibliography", "Hristo Smirnenski Studies" and "Nikola Vaptsarov Studies". During this period its members worked with archives of Bulgarian writers and created an analytic inventory of the “Nikola Vaptsarov” archive and a Short Catalogue of Bulgarian writers’ manuscripts. The Section was directed successively by Assoc. Prof. Iliya Todorov PhD (1986-1991) and Assoc. Prof. L. Stamatov PhD (1992-2000). Since 2000 the Section is an autonomous unit in the Institute.

Scope of activities :

The section focuses on compiling catalogues and registers of the archives of Bulgarian writers as well as compiling editions of memoirs and annals. The Section conserves the archives of the writers Hristo Smirnenski (338 a. u.), Vladimir Popatanasov (16 a. u.), Nikola Vaptsarov (42 a. u. ), Mihalaki Georgiev (191 a. u. ), Vesela Vasileva (memoirs on her: 30numbers, 30inv. u.) Fund: "Photographs of Bulgarian writers XIX-XXcc ".

Selected publications :

  • Literary archives. Vols. 1-9., Sofia, BAS.
    • Vol.1. P. R. Slaveykov. Edited by: P. Dinekov etc. (1959).
    • Vol. 2. Geo Milev. Commentary: Georgi Markov. Eds.: P. Zarev, S. Baeva. (1964).
    • Vol. 3. Pencho Slaveykov. Commentary: St. Mihaylova. Eds.: St. Karolev, S. Baeva (1967).
    • Vol. 4. Elin Pelin. Edited by Kr. Genov (1972).
    • Vol. 5. From the archivs of Vasil Drumev, Kliment Tarnovski. Ed. and preface by D. Lekov (1973).
    • Vol. 6. Neophyte Rilski. Manuscripts from his Library. Eds.: D. Lekov, A. Aleksieva (1976).
    • Vol. 7. Konstantin Velichkov. Ed. and commentary: V. Valchev (1979).
    • Vol. 8. Mihalaki Georgiev. Commentary: V. Maleeva (1981).
    • Vol. 9. Yoakim Gruev. Commentary: Tsv. Nanova. Editor: S. Baeva (1988).
  • Shapkarev, K. Collection of Bulgarian Folk literature in 4 volumes. Vol.2. Political Songs. Eds.: Sv. Nikolova, I. Todorov (1969).
  • Nikola Vaptsarov. His Legacy of Manuscripts. Introduction and commentary: B. Vaptsarova. Eds.: St. Bojhkov, S. Baeva (1982)
  • Vaptsarova, B. Nikola Vaptsarov: Annals on his Life and Works. Editor: St. Bozhkov (1978).
  • Todorov, I. About Botev’s Verse. Analyses of Texts (1988).
  • Hristo Smirnenski. Collected Works in 6 volumes. Vol. 1-6.
  • Hristo Smirnenski. Collected Works in 2 volumes. Vol. 1. Poetry. Eds.: V. Ivanova, I. Todorov (1988).
  • Vaptsarova, B. Vaptsarov among his Fellow Writers. Editor: V. Kolevski (1989).
  • Vasov, Iv. Photoes and Documents. Eds.: L. Malinova, I. Bacheva (1991).
  • Until the Last Breath. Diaries and Letters of Hr. Smirnenski before his death. Eds.:Sv. Andonova, V. Ivanova, M. Marinova (1995).
  • Todorov, I. The Other Botev. New View upon Hristo Botev’s Works. Commentary: Sv. Nikolova (1998).
  • The Authentic Botev. Hristo Botev’s Poetry. Authentic Text. Editor and commentary: Ilya Todorov (1998).
  • Moira. The Epistolary Novel of Yana Yazova and Aleksandar Balabanov. Ed. and commentary: Tsv. Trifonova (1996).
  • Trifonova, Tsv. The Nikola Vaptsarov Archives. Analytic Description (1991).
  • Malinova, L. Bulgarian Female Poetry between the World Wars (1999)
  • Trifonova, Tsv. Nikola Vaptsarov. The Text and the Shadow (2004).
  • Trifonova, Tsv. Writers and Dossiers. Political and Literary Articles and Documents (2004).
  • Trifonova, Tsveta. Danail Krapchev and "Zora" Newspaper: The Unforgettable (Memoirs, Letters, Documents) (2006).
  • Dimitrov Emil. The secret state security files of Prof. Mihail Arnaudov (2007).
  • Trifonova, Tsveta. Georgi Markov. The Roof : A Novel (Prepared for Editing from the Author's Original Drafts) / Edition, Preface, Annotations and Application by Tsveta Trifonova (2007).

Research projects :

Political repressions of Bulgarian writers after the 9th September, 1944 - an individual project of literary critic Tsveta Trifonova.
"Chrestomathy of the forgottens" - Works by writers under persecution in time 1944-1989 - an individual project of literary critic Tsveta Trifonova.
The secret state security files of Prof. Mihail Arnaudov - an individual project of literary critic Emil Dimitrov.

Members of the Section :

  • Literary critic Emil Dimitrov
  • Literary critic Tsveta Trifonova


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