International Conference "The Thing. Conceptual and Cultural Aspects"

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International Conference "The Thing. Conceptual and Cultural Aspects"

The International Conference "The Thing. Conceptual and Cultural Aspects" took place on 24-25 September 2015 at the Institute for Literature, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, in Sofia. The conference included researchers from the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Art, the New Bulgarian University, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Международна конференция The Thing. Conceptual and Cultural Aspects


September, 24-25 IX 2015

  • 24. 09.
    Institute for Literature, BAS
  • 10.00
  • 10.30
    Teresa Dobrzyńska (IBL, PAN)
    Images of Things in Poetry. The Anthropological Aspects and the Creation of a Linguistic Picture of the World
  • 11.00
    Regina Koycheva (IL, BAS)
    From Things towards Mysticism in the Path of Old Bulgarian Hymnography
  • BREAK 30 min.
  • 11.30
    Enyo Stoyanov (IL, BAS)
    Literary Criticism and Speculative Realism
  • 14.30 Aleksandar Feodorov (IL, BAS)
    Interpreting Things: Peirce’s Pragmatism and Semiotics
  • 15.00 Ivan Mladenov (IL, BAS)
    The Slipping Thing about the Thing
  • 15.30 Reni Iankova (NBU)
    The thing and the significant Self
  • BREAK 30 min.
  • 17.00 Andraž Jež (ISLLS)
    A Major Shift in Nationalism and Its Political Implications - from Universality of 1789's France to Particularities of 1848's Habsburg Empire
  • 17.30
    Kalina Zahova (IL, BAS)
    False Friends and Varied Readings: Interlinguistic and Intercultural Homonymy
  • 25. 09.
    Institute for Literature, BAS
  • 10.00
    Jerzy Kandziora (IBL, PAN)
    Jerzy Ficowski’s „a reading of object” in essays about Bruno Schulz
  • 10.30
    Raya Kuncheva (IL, BAS)
    Benjamin’s Arcades Project: Commodity, Allegory, Collector
  • 11.00
    BREAK 30 min.
  • 11.30
    Miriana Yanakieva (IL, BAS)
    Musical instrument as Object, Thing and Body
  • 12.30
    Galina Georgieva (IL, BAS)
    Вещь в кинотеории ОПОЯЗА


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