Medieval studies (x th - xviii th c.)

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Old Bulgarian literature in the context of Byzantine and Old Slavic literatures. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Anisava Miltenova, DSc.

The main objective of the project is to link various comparative aspects of the history of Old Bulgarian literature: searching for new Byzantine-Slavic parallels; studying the Orthodox Slav reception of the Byzantine cultural and literary model; examining the relations between Bulgarian, Russian and Serbian Medieval literatures; analyzing the role of translations in the history of Old Bulgarian literature. The project includes research studies in these directions as well as new topics, connected with the possibility of working with manuscripts from foreign libraries. Anticipated results:

  1. Investigating common literary centres, shared tendencies and specific features of Byzantine and Slavic Medieval literatures.
  2. Determining the contribution of Bulgarian literature to Europe’s cultural development and its significance in the Slavic world.

Repertorium of Old Bulgarian Literature and Letters with Computer Tools. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Anisava Miltenova, DSc. The Repertory of Medieval Bulgarian literature is planned as a universal database, comprising archeograhic, codicological, critical, textual, literary and historical data on original and translated medieval texts diffused in Balkan Cyrillic manuscripts. The objective of the repertory is defined by the specific character of Bulgaria’s cultural history in the Middle Ages, and the impossibility of determining the ethnic origin of the Balkan Cyrillic Manuscripts. The repertory combines parts of original texts from individual manuscripts with the results of their analysis. The project is built upon the new method of electronic processing of old Slavonic manuscripts and the repertory makes possible an automatic identification of separate texts and entire groups of texts, the study of texts' sources and an examination of their typology. The expected results could contribute to a reconsideration of the historical and literary processes, as well as to developing a new perspective on literary events and to outlining the mutual dependency of genre and style within Byzantine-Slavic community.

Main results: organizing international colloquiums and publishing collections of materials: Computer Processing of Medieval Slavic Manuscripts. Sofia, 1995; Medieval Slavic Manuscripts and SGML: Problems and Perspectives (2000); Computational Approaches to the Study of Early and Modern Slavic Languages and Texts (2003); Computer Applications in Slavic Studies: Proceedings of Azbuky.NET International Conference and Workshop 24-27 October 2005, Sofia, Bulgaria (2006). See more ...

Creating a digital library of Slavonic manuscripts, incunabula and a reference data base - a joint research project with the Universities of Gothenburg and Uppsala, Sweden. Directors of studies: Assoc. Prof. Anisava Miltenova, DSc and Antoaneta Granberg, PhD. The project is based on previous Bulgarian-Swedish initiatives and more specifically the suc-cessful cooperation on the topic "Computer treatment of Slavonic manuscripts" (2005-2007), thanks to which around 50 Slavonic manuscripts were discovered and described on Swedish ter-ritory. The current project has broadened research parameters and the creation of an Internet portal for paleoslavistics, including sources as well as bibliography, is planned. The reference apparatus contains thesauruses and terminological dictionaries in Bulgarian, English and Swedish.

Electronic catalogues and databases of medieval Cyrillic manuscripts - a joint research project with the British Library in London, financed by the British Royal Academy. Directors of studies: Assoc. Prof. Anisava Miltenova, DSc and Katya Rogachevskaya, PhD. The aim of the project is to encode in XML a corpus of medieval Slavonic manuscripts from the collection of the British Library (70 codices) and from Bulgarian collections. The result is an electronic catalogue with standardized descriptions of manuscripts together with illustrations and bibliography, which is accessible to the public. The development of structures for detailed encoding of some aspects of the descriptions of the manuscripts (codicology, language, content, etc.) is planned as a next step of the project. The work on this project is a contribution to the efforts for the creation of an international standard for a detailed electronic description of medieval manuscripts.

Medieval manuscripts and possibilities for their presentation with the help of communication technologies - a joint research project with the Scientific Research Centre at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana. Directors of studies: Assoc. Prof. Anisava Miltenova, DSc and Matija Ogrin, PhD. The project is built on the basis of complete integration between information technologies and paleoslavistics and on the already achieved results by participants. The aim is to develop methods for preparation of electronic editions of medieval Slavonic texts (considering their specificity and the possibility for rendering it in Unicode). Apart from the specialists from the Scientific Research Centre in Ljubljana, participants from the National and University libraries of Ljubljana are also recruited.

Bulgarian-Rumanian cultural and literary relations (from the 14th to the 20th century) - a joint research project with the Institute for Literature, Bucharest, Rumanian Academy of Sciences. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Elena Tomova, PhD. The aim of this project is the systematic research of the manuscript collections in Rumania. New transcripts of Old Bulgarian texts, enriching the literary heritage of 14th and 15th century Bulgarian literature with the works of the Turnovo Literary School and Patriarch Evtimii's followers, preserved in Rumanian literature, have been discovered so far.

Christian Hagiology and Pagan Beliefs. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Elena Tomova, PhD. The project aims at summarizing the results, achieved by medieval and folk studies in researcing the genres of hagiography and hymnography. These results are presented as a structured data base, functioning as an electronic reference which is open for new additions.

Finalized Projects

Slovo: Towards a Digital Library of South Slavic Manuscripts. Director of studies: Assoc. Prof. Anisava Miltenova, DSc.


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