Senior Asst. Prof. Dilyana Radoslavova, PhD

The main research interests and publications of Dilyana Radoslavova are in the history of the manuscript repertoire of the Bulgarian literary centers in the Late Middle Ages, Slavic hymnography and hagiography, Cyrillic paleography, the description of Slavic manuscripts and old printed books, etc. She is a member of the research team awarded the Pythagoras Grand Prize for Best Scientific Team (2009) and the John Bell Award of the American Association for Bulgarian Studies for the best publication on (2017).


Selected Writings:

  • Cyrillic Books Printed before 1700 in British and Irish Collections. A Union Catalogue. Compiled by R. Cleminson, C. Thomas, D. Radoslavova, A. Voznesenskij. London: The British Library, 2000. XLVII+172+16 ill. ISBN 0 7123 4709 7.
  • Towards the portrait of Gabriel, the Athonite Protos of the first half of the 16th century: the Russian connection. // Love of learning and devotion to God in Orthodox monasteries. 5th International Hilandar conference. Selected proceedings. Beograd/Columbus, 2006, 191-197. ISBN 8683337243
  • British-Bulgarian initiative for e-Access and Preservation of Cyrillic Manuscripts. // Преглед НЦД 9 (2006), 71-374. ISSN 1820-0109
  • The Repertoire of Bulgarian Manuscripts from the 17th Century as a Source for Studying Literary Centers. // Solanus, New Serries, 23, 2013, 169-87. ISSN 0038-0903
  • Breaking New Ground in Marginality. Tendencies in the Bulgarian Orthodox Literary Tradition of the Seventeenth Century. // Les terres de l'orthodoxie au XVIIe siècle circa 1590-1720, Eds. Paul Bushkovitch, Nikolaos A. Chrissidis et Radu G. Paun , Paris, 2017, 503-536, ISBN 978-2-7132-2697-7 (=Cahiers du monde russe. Russie, Empire russe, URSS, États indépendants, n° 58/3) ISSN 1252-6576