Prof. Anissava Miltenova, D.Sc.

Anissava Miltenova is the head of the Department of Old Bulgarian Literature. Her research interests include: history and theory of Medieval Bulgarian literature (typology and structure of manuscript collections; transformation of genres and genre forms of the Byzantine-Slavic community; structure of Medieval texts; apocryphal and "lower" literature; apocalyptic literature; parenetic literature, etc.); computer processing and analysis of Medieval Slavic manuscripts; database problems of manuscripts.


Selected Writings:

  • Historical and Apocalyptic Literature in Byzantium and Medieval Bulgaria. Sofia, 2011 (with Vassilka Tapkova-Zaimova), 605 pp. ISBN 978-954-321-884-4
  • South Slavonic Apocryphal Collections. Sofia, Boyan Penev Publishing Center, East-West, 2018, 327 pp. ISBN: 978-619-7372-12-0; 978-619-01-0296-0