Bulgarian Literature after the Liberation (1878) - Personalities and Processes, Documents and Artifacts (Digital Dictionary)

Research team: Assoc. Prof. Elka Dimitrova, Assoc. Prof. Elka Traykova, Assoc. Prof. Tsvetanka Atanasova, Senior Asst. Prof. Andrey Tashev, Senior Asst. Prof. Kalina Zahova, Asst. Prof. Andriana Spasova, Asst. Prof. Elena Borisova, Marineli Dimitrova

The goal of the project is to create, maintain and develop a unique web-based digital encyclopedic dictionary of Bulgarian literature after the Liberation; to collect, systematize and popularize the knowledge of many important literary and cultural facts, processes and artifacts; to change how they are stored, presented and interpreted; to provide free access to them through the Internet. The methodology of the project, in view of the encyclopedic product, is complex, combining methods of literary history and theory and culturology, in order to outline a synchronous picture of the writers' personalities and the contextual literary realities and processes. The basis of the Dictionary will be about 350 personalities and numerous articles on literary trends, circles, publications, etc. Based on computer ontologies, dictionary articles will provide information through a system of concepts, categories, concepts, visualizations and audio files. The literary facts will be connected in an interdisciplinary information system through hyperlinks. Thus, the knowledge of Bulgarian literature after the Liberation to the present day will become more systematic, open, visually informative and accessible for assimilation. The articles about the individual writers are designed in such a way as to clearly highlight the author's place in the crown of the "literary tree": his connections with literary trends, circles, publications and other writers. There is also a sketch of "literary routes", outlining a kind of geography of the new and contemporary Bulgarian literature. User access to the Dictionary will be unlimited.

Financing: Research Fund, contract № DN 20/3 dated 11.12.2017.