Routes of Literary Communication of Eastern and Southern Slavs in the 11th-20th Centuries - SESDiva

Project Status
Execution period
2018 — 2020ongoing

Research Team: Prof. Ana Stoykova, Assoc. Prof. Maya Petrova-Taneva, Assoc. Prof. Radostina Stankova, Senior Asst. Prof. Stanka Petrova-Hristova; I. Iliev


The aim of the SESDiva project is to create a virtual museum of written culture in connection with the social, cultural, ideological and religious environment and the relations between the southern and eastern Slavs through the centuries (from XI to the beginning of XX century). The facts of the interaction between cultural heritage are not yet well known or have been misinterpreted. Written culture and its manifestations are an irrefutable document for the diversity, for the attraction and repulsion between cultures, through them the most significant ups and downs in communication are determined. The results of the project will include unknown documents on the migration of the manuscript and the old printed book.



  • Routes of Literary Communication of Eastern and Southern Slavs (11th - 20th centuries). Eds. A. Miltenova, I. Kaliganov. Sofia: Boyan Penev PH, 2020. ISBN 978-619-7372-24-3