The Bulgarian Literary Panthon and the Slavic World in the Scientific Heritage of Boris Yotsov. Reconstruction of the Ideas

Research Team: Assoc. Prof. Nedka Kapralova, Prof. Maria Kitanova, Assoc. Prof. Svetla Strashimirova, Assoc. Prof. Hristina Balabanova, Assoc. Prof. Radosveta Kolarov, Assoc. Prof. Dobromir Grigorov , Prof. Alexander Kyosev, Asst. Prof. Andriana Spasova, PhD student Nikolay Zhelev, Mihail Novak.

This is a fundamental project, whose main task is to study, reconstruct and present in full the scientific heritage of Professor Boris Yotsov - a university lecturer, one of the first Bulgarian Slavists, researcher of Bulgarian Revival literature, twentieth century literature, the history of Slavic literature. A victim of the political situation in 1945, convicted by the People's Court and shot for his participation in the cabinets of Bogdan Filov and Dobri Bozhilov, he remained unknown to the Bulgarian humanities for decades. The general objectives that the project must achieve are:

  1. Return of Boris Yotsov to the Bulgarian humanities;
  2. Boris Yotsov's return to Slavic science.

During the first stage of the project a complete biobibliography of Boris Yotsov was made and published, his texts dedicated to authors and works from the period of the Bulgarian Revival were normalized according to the modern literary norm and included in Vol. 1 of the prepared works. In 2018, the project team presented in 8 scientific reports the case and the scientific tasks to be solved before the XVI International Congress of Slavists in Belgrade. The leading topic of this large-scale presentation was Boris Yotsov's Return to Slavic Studies, as the full text of the materials was published in a special issue of the Language and Literature journal. The work on the project continues, his researches on the Bulgarian literature of the XX century and his Slavic researches for preparation of Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 of the works are searched for and presented for linguistic normalization; a documentary film about the life and work of B. Yotsov is to be made, as well as a scientific seminar.


  • Boris Yotsov. Biobibliography. Sofia, 2018
  • Boris Yotsov. Essays Vol. 1. Sofia, 2018
  • Return of Boris Yotsov in Slavic Studies - Language and Literature, 1-2, 2019