Literary Concepts and Their Contexts

  • Project Status
  • Execution period
    2018 — 2020ongoing
  • Project lead Assoc. Prof. Raya Kuncheva, PhD
  • Financing
    Equivalent Non-financial Exchange

Научен колектив: Assoc. Prof. Raya Kuncheva, Prof. Alexander Panov, Prof. Angel Angelov, Prof. Ivan Mladenov, Assoc. Prof. Miryana Yanakieva, Senior Asst. Prof. Galina Georgieva, Senior Asst. Prof. Kalina Zahova, Senior Asst. Prof. Regina Koycheva, Senior Asst. Prof. Andrey Tashev, Senior Asst. Prof. Aleksandar Feodorov, Senior Asst. Prof. Georgi Iliev, doctoral student Valeriya Stefanova; Prof. dr hab. Teresa Dobrzyńska-Janusz (project lead), Dr hab. Grzegorz Grochowski, Dr hab. Jerzy Kandziora, prof. , Dr hab. Jan Kordys, prof. , Dr hab. Ewa Szczęsna, prof. , Dr Magdalena Szczypiorska-Mutor (Institute for Literary Research at the Polish Academy of Sceinces)


The theme of the joint project refers to phenomena of literature and culture, well known over the centuries, but especially relevant today. In modern culture, intertextual and intermedia processes are particularly active. Attracting marginal or outright rejected by dominant attitudes and views objects and concepts are the focus of this project. The issue is theoretically relevant in recent years, including in the aspect of rethinking concepts and values. Special attention will be paid to phenomena such as citation, in its various manifestations, to the recycling of discourses beyond and in literature, to processes that stimulate the creation of hybrid or new forms. Environmental issues are also one of the directions of the project.

The project is long-term. The current stage with the topic "Recycling as a mechanism of literature and culture. Semantic and Intermedia Realizations" is three years: 2018 - 2020.



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