Bulgaria and Czechia - Culture and Modernization (18th - 20th Centuries)

  • Project Status
  • Execution period
    2008 — 2010ongoing
  • Project lead Prof. Rumyana Damyanova, D.Sc.
  • Financing
    Equivalent Non-financial Exchange

Research Team: Nedka Kapralova (secretary), Lidiya Mihova, Kamen Mikhailov, Svetlana Rusinova, Dancho Gospodinov, Vladimir Penchev, Mila Santova

The project began as a study of cultural practices and manifestations of modernization processes in Bulgarian and Czech culture in the XVIII-XX centuries. A scientific conference on the project was held, which was attended by scholars from institutes of the BAS, the Czech Republic and universities in the country. The colleague from the Slavic Institute in Prague Vl. Krzhiz was enrolled as a doctoral student in self-study in the Department of Bulgarian Revival Literature, presenting for discussion 80 pages of scholarly text on "The Bulgarian Revival as a cultural transition - ideas and events." A collection of articles was prepared, which unfortunately did not receive funding.

Joint research project with the Slavic Institute in Prague.