Bulgaria and Russia (18th - 20th Centuries) - Notions and Reality

  • Project Status
  • Execution period
    2006 — 2009ongoing
  • Project lead Prof. Rumyana Damyanova, D.Sc.
  • Financing
    Equivalent Non-financial Exchange

Research Team: Radostin Rusev, Kamen Mikhailov, Lilyana Minkova, Nikoleta Patova

The aim of the research project is to make sense of the changes in the newly created cultural and historical realities in the relations between the two countries, to highlight the connections and influences during the different historical periods, to show the meeting spots as well as the possible discrepancies. In 2007 a Bulgarian-Russian conference Bulgaria and Russia (XVIII - XX century) - Mutual Knowledge was held in Sofia, which sought answers to the questions of whether mutual knowledge is possible, to what extent and how mutual influences develop, what are the projections of cultural ties between the two peoples, aspects of historical relations, etc. This forum was attended by scholars from Russia - Georgy Gachev, Marina Smolyaninova, Nina Ponomareva, colleagues from various institutes at the BAS and from all universities in Bulgaria. A collection of studies was prepared, which after the tragic death of Prof. D. Gachev was completed by Prof. Grigory Venediktov and printed in Moscow.


Joint research project with the Institute of Slavonic Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.