Literary and Sociocultural Problems of the Bulgarian Revival

  • Project Status
  • Execution period
    1955 — 9999ongoing
  • Project lead Prof. Rumyana Damyanova, D.Sc.
  • Financing

Research Team: Prof. Nikolay Aretov, Assoc. Prof. Nedka Kapralova, Senior Asst. Prof. Nikoleta Patova, Senior Asst. Prof. Anna Alexieva, Asst. Prof. Andriana Spasova, PhD student Nikolay Zhelev

This project covers and coordinates all major events and activities of the members of our department: individual research, participation in out-of-department academic forums, work on personal topics, scientific translations and more. Our research team's main task under this project is the organization of the Annual Collegium of Revival Literature (see here). It is attended by all members of the department, as well as by colleagues from the universities in the country. The project reflects the scientific activity of the members of the department


Project Publications:

  • THE REVIVAL TEXT. Readings of the literature and culture of the Bulgarian Revival. In honor of the 70th anniversary of Prof. Docho Lekov. Comp. and ed. R. Damyanova, L. Mikhova, Hr. Manolakev. Sofia, Silver Lion House, 1998, ISBN 954-571-131-0.
  • THE IMAGINED TEXTS OF THE BULGARIAN REVIVAL. In honor of Stefana Tarinska. Comp. D. Gospodinov, N. Aretov. Sofia,Boyan Penev PC, 2005, ISBN 954-8712-38-5
  • AMONG THE TEXTS AND EMOTIONS OF THE BULGARIAN REVIVAL. Collection in honor of Rumyana Damyanova. Comp. and ed. N. Kapralova, D. Gospodinov. Sofia, East-West, 2009,, ISBN978-954-321-650-5
  • CULTURE, HISTORY, POETRY. Nadezhda Dragova and Parvan Stefanov in Bulgarian culture and science. Ed. and comp. A. Yordanov, Kamen Mikhailov, R. Damyanova. Sofia, Boyan Penev PC, 2014, ISBN 978-954-8712-89-7
  • CULTURE, IDENTITIES, DOUBTS. Collection in honor of Prof. Nikolai Aretov. Comp. and ed. A. Alexieva, N. Danova, N. Chernokozhev. Sofia, Prof. Marin Drinov PH, 2016, ISBN 978-954-322-870-
  • ACADEMICIAN PETAR DINEKOV AND THE HUMANITIES: IDEAS, POSITIONS, CONCEPTS. Collection of materials from the Collegium, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of his birth. Comp. and ed. R. Damyanova, E. Tomova, V. Baeva, K. Staneva. Sofia, Multiprint PH, 2018, ISBN 978-954-362-231-
  • LITERATURE: PRIVILEGED VOICES, SUPPRESSED VOICES. Materials from the College of Revival Literature, published on the site "Balkan Identities", you can read
  • THE DISAGREEMENTS DURING THE REVIVAL. Materials from the Collegium of Revival Literature, published in the e-edition DZYALO, can be read here.