Presentation of Assos. Prof. Dr. Alexander Yordanov’s Book - "Lonely and Decent. Prof. Konstantin Gulubov - Life, Work and Ideas. "

On 1st of October in the Big Hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was held the presentation of the new book by Assos. Prof. Dr. Alexander Yordanov, dedicated to Prof. Konstantin Gulubov - "Lonely and Decent. Prof. Konstantin Gulubov - Life, Work and Ideas.” Prof. Stefan Vodenitcharov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Ivan Ilchev, Rector of the "St. Kliment Ohridski" Sofia University, Academician Blagovest Sendov - Chairman of the 37th National Assembly, Prof. Milena Caneva, writers, scientist and journalists attended the event.

Prof. Svetozar Igov presented the book, highlighting its undeniable contribution to the elucidation of Prof. Konstantin Gulubov’s personality and work. "We are gathered by an event - a book about one of the remarkable XXth century Bulgarian intellectuals" - said Prof. Igov in his opening words. As he said "for years Gulubov remained outside Bulgarian cultural history stream, probably because he was a lonely and distant figure to Bulgaria’s political life. So Alexander Yordanov’s book title is a metaphor of Bulgarian intellectual’s fate." Recalling Alexander Yordanov’s critic and scientific biography, Prof. Igov underlined researcher’s sense of problematic interpretations – from Vazov to Raditchkov. “With the “Svoechuzhdiyat modernism” book Yordanov turned permanently to the field of Bulgarian modernism, which together with the Avant-garde, was one of the most disadvantaged aesthetic streams during the socialist period, although it was inspired by the social revolt."

Prof, Igov considered those directions of Konstantin Gulubov’s work which are also Alexander Yordanov’s book accents. He drew attention to Gulubov’s oppinion on the "native" - "foreign" relationship, which reflected the cultural presence of the Strelec (Sagittarius) literary circle, with Prof. Konstantin Gulubov as one of its ideologists. Prof. Igov emphasized that Alexander Yordanov’s book was the first book, dedicated to Gulubov in Bulgaria and spoke in detail on some chapters, pointing out that Gulubov’s fictional and poetic works were explored here for the first time. Konstantin Gulubov’s specific memoirs were defined by Igov as "a hidden and fragmented history of Bulgarian literature", revealing the author of "The Call of the Motherland" as an "impressive literary historian."

Another area that Yordanov explores in his book is Konstantin Gulubov’s work as a specialist in German language and literature, founder of the Department for German Studies at Sofia University, author of a series of detailed monographs on German writers. Alexander Yordanov’s book contains extensive documentary material, including the first published documents from the scientist’s archive, as well as material from his file in the archives of the former State Security. According to Prof. Igov "the chapter about Gulubov’s pursuit was written very carefully" and "it made the book a fictionalized biography, a very interesting reading matter." Finally, Prof. Igov pointed out that Alexander Yordanov’s book was a mature scientific work, a true "biography which presents authentically the spiritual experience of the great Bulgarian intellectual Konstantin Gulubov."

The actors Emanuela Shkodreva and Hristo Cheshmedjiev read excerpts from the book "Lonely and Decent". Finally, the author thanked for the attention to his work and recalled some highlights of his scientific meeting with the work and the spiritual experience of the great Bulgarian scholar, writer and cultural historian, Prof. Konstantin Gulubov.