Non/Cognate Approaches in the Humanities: The Philosophical Theories of Charles Peirce and Ludwig Wittgenstein in literary, cultural and social context

  • Project Status
  • Execution period
    2017 — 2019ongoing
  • Project lead Senior Asst. Prof. Aleksandar Feodorov, PhD Prof. Ivan Mladenov, D.Sc.
  • Financing

As a comprehensive continuation of the Habit and Metaphor project, this one focuses on the creation of a new analytical methodology for the study of heterogeneous literary, social and cultural phenomena. Building on the results achieved, this project deepens theoretical research on the relationship between Peirce's and Wittgenstein's philosophical theories to create a conceptual model called "non/cognate approaches". The achievements so far are deepened by continuing the seminars with the participation of other young scholars, the organization of an international scientific conference (Relation & Representation, April 19-20, 2018) and the compilation of a collection of reports presented at it.

Published collections

Funding: BGN 11,350 under the Program for Support of Young Scientists and Doctoral Students at BAS