Creating Educational Programs in the Field of Cultural and Historical Heritage

Research team: Assoc. Prof. Nina Gagova, Assoc. Prof. Elka Dimitrova, Asst. Prof. Elena Borisova, Asst. Prof. Andriana Spasova, Senior Asst. Prof. Anna Alexieva

The main task of the project is to develop an interactive digital textbook that supports the teaching of literature at school (grades 5 - 12). As a result of the work, the structure of an interactive textbook was created and a website was released, following the requirements of the literature curriculum for the junior high school and both high school degrees. In accordance with the structure of the curriculum, the interactive manual has three main menus, namely:

  • Socio-cultural competencies;
  • Literary competencies;
  • Communicative competencies.

An additional menu has been created, containing tests and tasks that allow for verification of the achieved competencies. The concept of the manual provides that all materials contained in it can be accessed through a second menu panel, structured by classes and educational stages. Thus, on the one hand, the material is arranged according to the internal logic of the educational content, and on the other - according to the sequence of the introduction of this content in the educational process. Forty materials related to various topics of literary theory and history were included in the structure of the manual. However, the main body of materials is to be made in the second year of the program.

The project is implemented within the national program "Cultural and Historical Heritage, National Memory and Social Development", work package № 3. "Creation of educational programs in the field of cultural and historical heritage", measure № 1. "Development and promotion of joint educational programs."