The Tradition of the Codex Suprasliensis and of Simeon's Electors in the Manuscript Collections of Bulgaria and Lithuania

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    2013 — 2018ongoing
  • Project lead Assoc. Prof. Elena Tomova, PhD Assoc. Prof. Nina Georgieva-Gagova, PhD
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    Equivalent Non-financial Exchange

Research team: Prof. Ana Stoykova, Assoc. Prof. Maya Petrova-Taneva, Prof. Dorotei Getov, Assoc. Prof. Maya Petrova-Taneva, Assoc. Prof. Radoslava Stankova, Senior Asst. Prof. Irina Kuzidova-Karadzhinova, Prof. Maria Yovcheva, Senior Asst. Prof. Dilyana Radoslavova, Senior Asst. Prof. Stanka Petrova-Hristova

Exchange of knowledge between scientists from Lithuania and from the Institute for Literature; participation in a scientific conference.

The literary repertoire from the time of the First Bulgarian State (9th - 10th centuries) has not been preserved in the original, but can be restored on the basis of later Slavic manuscripts, including the repertoire of Kievan Rus and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Today, some of the most valuable manuscripts of these traditions are kept in the library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in Vilnius. The Vilnius collection of Slavic manuscripts is one of the least studied. At the same time, it contains numerous manuscripts and presents an exceptional variety of macro genres, providing important information about the history of Old Bulgarian literature and its transmission to other Slavic literatures.

Joint project with the Lithuanian Language Institute (Lithuanian Academy of Sciences).