Polish Ambassadors to Bulgaria from 1925 to 1941

Project Status
Execution period
2009 — 2012
Equivalent Non-financial Exchange
Lead Researchers: Assoc. Prof. M. Karabelova, Prof. Mikolaj Shokolovski

Two books have been published under the auspice of the project:

  • The Bulgarian Survey on the Polish Question (1915-1916), conducted by the Press Bureau of the Polish Supreme People's Committee in Sofia. Published by Dr. Tadeusz Stanislav Grabowski. Sofia: Boyan Penev PH, 2011
  • The Bulgarian Mission of Tadeusz St. Grabowski - Envoy of the Resurrected Poland. Sofia: Boyan Penev PH, 2011.

Joint project with the Institute for Literary Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences.