Ivan D. Shishmanov and the Modernization of the Humanities in Bulgaria

Project Status
Execution period
2004 — 2008ongoing
Research Team: Stoyanka Boyadzhieva, Kamen Mikhailov, Nadia Danova, Rumyana Radkova, Nedka Kapralova (secretary), Dancho Gospodinov, Lidiya Mihova, Svetlana Rusinova, Rachko Popov, Vladko Murdarov

The aim of this project is to cover as fully as possible the multifaceted work of Prof. Ivan D. Shishmanov, to present his foundational research for the Bulgarian humanities, to highlight his "views" that started various branches of scientific research in Bulgaria. It is no less important to search for, study, comment on and publish unknown works of his, his rich correspondence. Such a comprehensive approach to the complex, multifaceted and rich personality of the founder of the Bulgarian humanities Ivan D. Shishmanov predetermines the choice of research team: it involves scholars from various institutes of the BAS: Institute for Literature, Institute of Bulgarian Language, Institute of Folklore, Ethnographic Institute. The project is interdisciplinary, as rich as the methodology and problem-thematic guidelines as the work of Shishmanov himself. Ivan Shishmanov's respectable scientific heritage could not be covered in one academic forum and we decided to hold our Shishmanovi Readings annually. They were attended by researchers from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and from all universities in Bulgaria, libraries and individual research centers. Scientists from Russia - Marina Smolyaninova, the Czech Republic - Vladimir Krzyz, Romania - Elena Supur and Ukraine, Lviv - Natalia Grigorash and Galina Bushko also participated in these events. At these forums methodological issues underlying Shishmanov's work were discussed, some of his views on literary history and sociology, interrelationships and influences were problematized, his statements in various fields were revealed and interpreted, especially those that present him as a researcher of the Bulgarian Revival and Bulgarian ethnography, methodologist, founder of Bulgarian comparative studies, one of the first Russian scholars and culturologists, founder of the scientific forum of Bulgarian humanities in the XIX century (Collection of folk tales, science and literature), etc. In 2012, a three-day conference was held on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ivan D. Shishmanov. As a result of the Shishmanovi Readings 4 separate volumes dedicated to the rich scientific heritage of Ivan Shishmanov were prepared and published with the sponsorship of the Culture Fund of the Ministry of Culture:
  • Ivan D. Shishmanov - the forum. Shishmanovi Readings. Book 1. S., 2005
  • Ivan D. Shishmanov - the scientist and the citizen. Shishmanovi Readings. Book 2. S., 2006
  • "To be Europeans and still Bulgarians." Ivan Shishmanov in the evaluation of his contemporaries. Memories, reviews, ¸materials. S., 2006
  • Ivan D. Shishmanov - science and politics. Shishmanovi Readings. Book 3. S., 2007