Sanctuary of Words Еxhibition

The exhibition reveals the rich literary traditions of Bulgaria, showing the best examples of the written heritage from the late ninth to the fourteenth century. The origin of literature in the second half of the ninth century - one of the most significant events in the culture of Medieval Europe, is associated with the activity of the Slavonic brothers Constantine-Cyril and Methodius before their mission to Great Moravia in 863.

Glagolhic alphabet was the first Slavic alphabet, which most accurately reflects the image of the Bulgarian language of that period. Posters with the most significant monuments written with the Glagolhic alphabet - Asemanovo Gospel, Zograf Gospel, Mariinsky Gospel, Sinai Psalter and others – are included in the exhibition.

In the X century the major literary centers of Preslav and Ohrid grew up, original writings by many eminent writers appeared: Kliment Ohridski (Kliment of Ohrid), Joan Exarch, Constantine Preslavski (Constantin of Preslav), Chernorizetz Hrabar and others= They reached us in Bulgarian, Serbian and Russian copies in later manuscripts, examples of which are included in the exhibition. Most of Ancient Bulgarian manuscripts are preserved in foreign museums and libraries. The exhibition shows copies of this literary treasure to the general public.

Cyril and Methodius pupils and their disciples’ activities do not only save the Moravian mission literary inheritance but also transform the Cyril-Methodius’s achievement from a missionary concept to a fundamental ideology, proclaiming the native language advantage in literature. Spreading amongst other Slavonic people, it becomes an inseparable and important part of the European civilization.

The exhibition was developed by scientists from the Institute for Literature – BAS and was realized in cooperation with the "Bulgarian Memory" Foundation. It was presented in February 2013 at the European Parliament in Brussels. This year the exhibition will be shown in many other countries, and in many places in Bulgaria.