Women in the Public Discourse of Bulgaria and Poland (Literature, Art, Media)

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Lead Researchers: Assoc. Prof. Magda Karabelova and Assoc. Prof. Anna Nashilovska.

The project focuses on issues related to the modern theme of feminism, including "women's" writing, in the fields of literature, art and media. In 2007 (Sofia, October 4 and 5) a Bulgarian-Polish scientific conference called "Women in Public Discourse in Bulgaria and Poland (Literature, Arts, Media)" was held with an emphasis on modern interpretation and consideration of the processes in a comparative plan, as the issue was situated in a broad Balkan, pan-European and common human context. With the help of the Institute for Literary Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Institute in Sofia, a Bulgarian-Polish bilingual collection Describing a Woman: Bulgarian-Polish Discussions in the Years of Transition (Sofia, 2009) was published, containing the conference reports. Within the project, lectures by prominent Polish scholars were given at the Institute of Literature.

Together with the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Literary Studies