Prof. Alexander Panov, D.Sc.

Alexander Panov is the head of the Department of Literary Theory and chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Literature. His research interests include literary theory, historical poetics, literary anthropology, genre theory, and the poetics of Bulgarian literature.

Selected Publications:

  • „The Anthropological Approach in Literary Studies“. In: SJANI Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, Tbilisi. 2009 / 10. Pp. 59 – 71.
  • „The Man – Subject to his Destiny or a Thing to be used“ In: The Thing. Conceptual and Cultural Аspects. Sofia. 2018.
  • „Мотив „отверженные“ в болгарской литературы последней четверти ХIХ в.“ В: Новый филологически вестник 3 (50) 2019 г., стр. 271 – 282