Assoc. Prof. Yordan Lyutskanov, PhD

In 2019 Yordan Lyutskanov (Jordan Ljuckanov) had the book “Peyo Yavorov. Armenians; Homeland; Refugees; Exiles: [collection of] translations” – designed and compiled by him, and dedicated to the centenary of the First Armenian Republic, the 140th anniversary of Yavorov’s death and the 2800th anniversary of the foundation of Yerevan/Erebuni – published (300 pages; Boyan Penev Publishing Center; ISBN 978-619-7372-13-7).

As a scholar, he is interested in:

- Russian literary modernism, incl. issues of intermediality;

- Russian émigré culture of the 1920s – early 1940s;

- Eurocentrism in the European periphery and margins, incl. history of Bulgarian collective identity since the mid-nineteenth century;

- Comparative Literature, esp. of the Black Sea region;

- Georgian [Kartvelian] Studies (esp. literature);

- historical geography of ‘Ciscaucasia=Southern slope of Great Caucasus and adjacent territories’ [He is among the dissenters to the widespread misattribution which gives priority to a Northern (in particular, the Russian) geopolitical perspective on the region over the indigenous and over the Balkan / post-Byzantine / post-Ottoman ones] and of the Armenian Highlands;

- ‘de-colonisation’ beyond the North Atlantic – Global South axis;

- self-reflexivity of scholarship, esp. (non)awareness / (non)recognition of geo-cultural situatedness / conditionedness of scholarly repertoire;

- ‘Byzantium after Byzantium’;

- poetics of newspaper;

- Dmitry Merezhkovsky.


1 “Русская литература на грани экфрасиса: синэстетичность эпифании как показатель культурной родословной” [‘Russian literature on the verge of ekphrasis: synaesthetism of epiphany as indicator of cultural genealogy’; in Russian], Wiener Slawistischer Almanach 71, 2013, 69-132;

2 Блаженные спутники: монументальная уединенность, колебание, „классика” и „маньеризм“ в ранних русском и болгарском модернизмах [Blessed Companions: Monumental Solitude, Hesitation, “Classics” and “Mannerists” within Early Russian and Bulgarian Modernisms], Slavia 85 (2016), 1, 30-46;

3 “‘Texts Worth (Not) Editing’. Critical Edition as an Aesthetic Symptom of Cultural Change (Two Bulgarian Cases)”, Studi Slavistici 13 (2016), 143-165;

4 “‘К чонгури’ Николоза Бараташвили: ритм оригинала и трех переводов” [‘“To chonguri” by N. Baratashvili: the rhythm of the original and of three translations’; in Russian], Sjani 20 (2019), 2, 210-245;

5 The Russian émigré community in Interwar Bulgaria: attempt at a typology of transformations, with focus on the “aestheticization” of newspaper, Convivium: Exchanges and Interactions in the Arts of Medieval Europe, Byzantium, and the Mediterreanean, 7 (2020), Supplementum, 101-120.

Co-edited volumes, journal thematic issues and blocks:

6 Russian Classical Literature Today: The Challenges/Trials of Messianism and Mass-Culture, co-edited with H. Manolakev and R. Rusev, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014;

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