Asst. Prof. Elena Borisova, PhD

Elena Borisova is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Her research interests are in the history of Bulgarian literature after 1944, science fiction and Bulgarian women's prose after 1990. Her current research interests are focused on the relationship between science and science fiction, building the idea of ​​the prognostic nature of this type of literature in the imaginary framework of the future. She participates in research projects of the Institute of Literature: "Bulgarian literature after the Liberation (1878) - personalities and processes, documents and artifacts (digital dictionary)" (since 2017) and "Digital Library" Bulgarian Literary Criticism" (since 2018). She is the lead researcher of the project "Pragmatism and Imagination: Futuristic Directions in Bulgarian Science Fiction in the20th and 21st centuries" (since 2018).