Assoc. Prof. Ivan Hristov, PhD

Ivan Christov's research interest is focused on literary circles, publications and polemics of Bulgarian literary modernism in a European context. He received his doctorate from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 2009. His dissertation is dedicated to one of the most interesting and least studied literary circles of the 1920s: the Sagittarius Circle. Ivan Christov is the author of the monograph The Sagittarius Circle and the Idea of ​​the Native (2009, Karina M), as well as over 30 publications in the field of Bulgarian literary modernism.

Selected Publications:

  • The Extra-canonical Literature of the 1920// Списание за литературна теория и сравнителна литература „Sjani” / Институт за грузинска литература „Схота Руставели”, на англ. ез., Тбилиси, 2012-13, ISSN 1512-2514, стр. 185-192
  • “The Concept of Time and Identity in the Bulgarian Literary Modernism of the 1920s.” in Etudes balkaniques, LI, 2015, Issue no. 3, Institute for Balkan Studies at BAS, Sofia, pp. 268-280, ISSN 0324-1645, in English.
  • “Rethinking Bulgarian Literary Modernism – Twenty-Five years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall.” Papers of BAS, Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol. 2, No 1-2, Sofia 2015, pp. 3-8, in English. ISSN 2367-6248
  • “Ford, Poe, and the Jazz Band – Bulgarian-American Literary and Cultural Reflections between the Two World Wars”. Beyond the Borders, Proceedings of the 10th Joint Meeting of Bulgarian and North American Scholars, Sofia, June 27-29, 2016). Prof. Marin Drinov Publishing House of BAS, Sofia 2019, pp. 177-185, in English. ISBN 978-954-322-971-0